Custom Plastic Extrusions

plastic extrusion raw material resins

Variety of Shapes

Made in Rochester, NY since 1974, Helvie Inc has been transforming raw plastic resin into a wide range of custom shapes and sizes to include thin strips, hollow tubes, and complicated profiles.  We offer reasonable minimum productions and prototype charges

Large Range of Compounds

Helvie extrudes numerous plastics to include PVC, HDPE, LDPE, Ultem, HIPS, TPU, and more. Contact our customer service team with your plastic profile extrusion requirements 

Large and Small Jobs Welcome

We understand that there are some small and one time jobs and some enormous projects that require high capacity. Our dynamic team is here to produce jobs of all sizes with reasonable minimum productions and prototype costs

Open Sales Policy

We are happy to sell to end users, OEMs, distributors, and to the consumer level 

Finishing and Secondary Fabrication

Our workshop is equipped to make your parts from start to finish.  Riveting, punching, assembly, drilling, and routeing are some of our additional fabrication capabilities.  We welcome the challenge of any additional secondary fabrication requirements! 

Se habla Español

Helvie Inc es un extrusor de productos plásticos y varios miembros de nuestro equipo hablan español. Llevamos más de 40 años de experiencia y estamos listos para trabajar en su proyecto